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Considering Selling Your Storage Property?

Want To Chat More About Selling or Receiving an Offer?

Selling Your Storage Property Doesn't Have To Be a Headache or Time Consuming. Click Below If You Would Like To Schedule a Time To Chat More About Selling or Receiving an Offer On Your Storage Property!

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Get To Know Me

Thank you for visiting us today, my name is Jon Farling and I'm the owner of L4 Real Estate Investments! You might be here today because I inquired about your property or maybe you found me on the web. Either way, I'm glad you're here! 


If you're a storage owner who's considering selling their storage property, you might be wondering if I can help? So let me share a bit more about myself here!

I've been in the Real Estate world for almost two decades now and have been involved with Flips, Rental Properties, even building spec homes. As my portfolio in residential real estate grew, I soon discovered that something was missing and I wasn't enjoying the work anymore.

That's when I decided to transition into another real estate class, and I dove into the world of self storage. Since 2019 I've become the owner of several storage facilities. I thoroughly enjoy the work that I do and I also enjoy helping other storage owners like you who are ready to transition out of their investment.


If you're considering selling your storage property, I hope that you'll consider scheduling a call with me! Don't worry I'm not looking to waste your time or sell you on anything. During our call I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, and If I think your facility is a good fit, I'll be glad to provide you with an offer!

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